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 – Master NLP Therapist

– NLP Trainer and Consultant

– NLP Coach

– Clinical Hypnotherapist

– Holistic Counsellor

– Focused Forward Method Trainer 

– Registered Member of the AHA

– Registered Member of the ABNLP


Coaching Focused Forward – with Katrina Watson


” The greates weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

~ William James

How we RESPOND TO STRESS has instant and long term consequences for our body and  mindset. Our STATE OF WELLBEING is a direct result.

Katrina Watson is a Master NLP Therapist and Trainer specialising in Stress and Anxiety. Her mission is to teach techniques and share insights from psychology and neuroscience to foster Workplace Well-being and Strengthen Resilience against Stress and Anxiety.

She has consulted for a range of organisations and industries to bring evidence-based training for well-being into the workplace via group Training Workshops, 1:1 Coaching and Online Programs.

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