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Stress, Strengths and Success with

The Resilient Mindset Model™


♦Corporate Wellness Programs

♦Management Training and Coaching

♦NLP Training and Consulting



All over the world, Companies are recognising the importance of supporting the mental, emotional and physical well-being of their teams and Australia is
catching up! Change starts at the top and business leaders all over the country are discovering that ‘people’
within the companies, are the most important assets and investing in them is no longer an OPTION, it is a NECESSITY.


We offer tailored and ongoing programs to minimise stress and anxiety in your workplace with a focus on positive mental health.

Companies are running  at a demanding pace and the price is too commonly wellbeing, engagement and productivity of individuals within the organisation. Our workshops and online programs will have a direct positive impact on your peers, employees and their families. Individuals will find themselves implementing these techniques  at work and at home. A workforce that is happy and enthusiastic will flourish and allow the organisation to thrive!


At Coaching Focused Forward, instead of helping employees and Leaders ‘manage’ stress, we focus on Stress Prevention and Building Resilience.


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Give your team the advantage!

Focusing on STRESS, ANXIETY AND DISCONNECTION, we provide companies with in-house WELLBEING and COMMUNICATION training. Give the organisation the advantage of having balanced, thriving employees who are passionate about their careers. Developing a mindset of adaptability and calm help staff take a proactive approach to mental and emotional well-being in the workplace. Happy staff are good for business!

Matters of The Mind

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a method of communication. Our relationships and connections with other people greatly depends on HOW we do that. Only 7% of external communicating is done via the words we say. Learn how to connect with others, understand other people better and avoid being misunderstood in the workplace! With the Successful Communication using NLP program your team will discover tools and techniques to be successful communicators, giving them, and your business, the advantage.

Champions still get Coached!

We provide a personalised development experience that focuses on helping you achieve your goals without the stress! Success comes from creating a resilient mindset, an unstoppable determination and a clear stategy. When in your peak state of mind, your career, influence and leadership effectiveness will soar…with a flow on effect for your organisations performance outcomes. If you were free of limitations, what could you achieve?

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